I made a blog

You're welcome.

This was long overdue. There are things I think about, and now I can publish all of them on the internet. Not just, you know, the sort of thing that belongs on Engadget, The Verge, or the Karma blog. But stuff that belongs under a sort of banner like "Paul's blog" so you really know what to expect.

I think I'll start out by putting up some of the not-published writing I've done. There are lots of reasons that things I've written don't get published, but there's usually one super-reason: they weren't good enough to publish. But this is a blog, so I'm lowering my standards.

I hope that you enjoy the things I put up here, and, as a long overdue / badly placed sidenote: thank you for reading. I've been really blessed in my life to find an audience for my words and thoughts, and I don't take it for granted. You're the real MVP.